Why your staff need to know the GDPR and how it can protect your Organisation. GDPR Masterclass by Enguard, Cork 3rd July 2019

The introduction of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act in 2018 have been game changers for data protection in Ireland.


Data protection, long in the shadow of IT and security, now stands on its own with regulations, a national supervisory authority and bite, with penalties which will affect Organisations’ big and small, in all industries.


For staff this can be a steep learning curve in a new area that many will privately admit they know little about.


The new data protection regulations introduce greater responsibilities on organisations for security, accountability and transparency. They also introduce privacy rights for individuals, principles and procedures for certain activities, as well as set timeframes for breach reporting. The GDPR Penalties for non-compliance or breaches can be as high as 4% of Annual Global turnover of €20 million, whichever is higher. As evident from recent high-profile corporate breaches, aside from the legal consequences, these can be an Organisation’s worst nightmare; destroying reputation, customer trust and severely impacting revenue.  


Kenneth Baker, GDPR consultant at Enguard, says “employees lack of knowledge and fear of the unknown will lead to breaches and non-compliance. The best way to avoid this is to have a culture where people know what is expected of them through training and an open dialogue with staff where sources of breaches or procedure gaps can be identified early on. The key is training, knowing your gaps and applying the GDPR principles of Governance, Security and Accountability to all aspects of an Organisation’s data processing cycle”.


As a result, Enguard one of Ireland’s up-and-coming Data Protection providers, will be running a masterclass on the GDPR aimed at staff at all levels.


This half day course is designed for employees processing personal data regularly as part of their role who want to improve their knowledge in data protection. The course is designed to build confidence and a better understanding of data protection It also aims to give practical solutions to everyday problems associated with processing personal data.

Tea/Coffee and light snacks will be provided.


For more information please inquire at info@enguard.ie or call 0818 252052.

 Disclaimer: Please note the above article is an opinion piece based on current sources of information available at time of publishing. It should not be read as legal, clinical or other form of technical advice for the processing of data by processors or controllers.