Data Protection

We  all recieve data, use data, delete data & retain data. The methods in which we do may differ but the fact remains that data is at the heart of all our businesses.
With the ever looming GDPR & media coverage of ransomware attacks where companies' data is being compromised & used as a basis for extortion, it is high on all our priority lists to ensure our data is secure.

As part of the Enguard CSDP Framework, all of your data will be identified, categorized, tracked in movement & defined. Then, and only then, can we begin to put the controls in place to ensure that throughout the lifespan of your data, it is handled in such a manner that promotes security & integrity.

The process of adapting to operating in a Data Protection conscious fashion can be a huge obstacle for alot of SME's. Thankfully we have designed our framework with simplicity & easy adoption in mind.

To learn more about our Data Protection offering please click below & one of our experts will be in touch to advise.

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