Enguard's Ongoing Cyber Security Protection


How Enguard Protect

Our Cyber team will access your network, servers and PC's using cyber software and methods specifically designed to protect you against the latest cyber threats.

Enguard's Cyber Security Protection is based on recognised controls that when implemented, achieve cyber security hygeine and compliance.

Enguard has designed its Cyber Security Protection offering with mapping available to ISO, NIST, GDPR and CIS standards, these are recognised as the leading bodies in the global cyber security space..

Our skilled team in the security operations center will provide ongoing monitoring of your organization if requested.

Ongoing Monitoring

As the cybercrime world is constantly evolving, posing new threats daily, it is imperative that your employee training, auditing and cyber protection is continuously renewed and updated.

Regular reviewing and improvements ensure your organisation maintains a high level of security and compliance.

Categories of Protection

  • Inventory of Devices and Software

  • Vulnerability Assessments and Remediation

  • Users, Admin, Files, Folders and Permissions

  • Email and Web Protections

  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention

  • Malware and Virus Defences

  • Incident and Breach response

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