GDPR & Data Protection Training Courses


GDPR & Cyber Security breaches are some of the biggest threats to organisations today. The importance of employee awareness training in these areas is key to protecting you from these risks, as well as demonstrating your compliance with GDPR.

To help organisations stay protected and compliant, Enguard have developed 2 training courses aimed at training staff to be more informed about cyber security and GDPR.

These courses are - GDPR Awareness & Cyber Security Training

The GDPR Awareness E-Learning Training Course


“GDPR Employee training made easy”

The GDPR Awareness E-learning course is animated and easy to follow. It is ideal for employees processing data on behalf of organisations of any size, to pull all employees up to a good level of understanding of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This course comprises of 8 sections and takes one hour to complete. Employees can log-in at their convenience, using their PC, handheld device, laptop or even their mobile phone. Following the completion of all modules, employees will complete the assessment.
Employee results of the assessment will be available to your management team on the Enguard Compliance Dashboard so that management can track employee completion of the course.

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Instructor Led GDPR Training

Enguard offers on-site Instructor led training to organisations nationwide. Our instructor led training is always delivered by trainers highly qualified in data protection. Courses can be tailored to suit any audience in any industry. We can provide training sessions from 1 hour in duration to a full day depending on your requirements.

Our most popular courses are the half day and full day GDPR training courses, covering the key areas in data protection. Our courses are always bespoke to the audience we are delivering to, so we can make the content as relevant to the clients specific requirements.

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Cyber Security Training

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