Who are Enguard?


Enguard is a 100% Irish owned business with a HQ in Cork, Ireland.

We established Enguard to meet the Cyber Security & Data Protection needs of the typical Irish SME.

Why do I need Enguard?

The GDPR is coming into effect in May 2018, a new regulation that all businesses operating in the EU must comply with.
It's a complicated regulation that enforces best practice for data handling & cyber protection.
With hefty fines for non-compliance, it is our responsibility to get our cyber security & data protection levels up to industry best standards.

There is also a huge rise in cyber attacks & data breaches affecting all size business's in Ireland. Many of those affected lose valuable data, time & capital trying to recover, not to mention the reputation damage.

So how can Enguard help?

We have put together a team of professionals with the skills required to help your business achieve compliance.
We have developed a bespoke process that is designed to get your business GDPR ready, cyber secure & data protection safe.

What does the process look like?



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